We are pleased to tell everyone that we had a great 50th Birthday Dance.


Fifty Years and Still Clowning Around

It seems, to some of us at least, that more years that we ever imagined possible have passed. Indeed, the turn of the century, that momentous event that was for so long a distant future event is now well behind us. That means, of course, that a few more years have passed, and indeed, enough years now that The Country Cousins have been dancing, having fun, and fooling around for 50 years!

And did we celebrate!

We wanted everyone to come...and they did!
...and we do most sincerely thank everyone who came and helped make our celebration truly memorable.

The Cousins--as all our friends call us--like to have a good time dancing, and we have been known to Clown Around just a bit. That's why we thought that would make a great theme for our 50th.

We had a great Birthday Dance:

  • There were Balloons and Birthday Cake
  • We had Door Prizes... and thanks to all the members of the Club who donated door prizes, and to our sponsors, namely
    • Save-On-Foods
    • Purdy's Chocolates
    • Roger's Chocolates
    • Firbank Farms
    • Rainbow Square Dance Apparel
    • The Cloth Castle
    • Thrifty Foods
  • And we had Terrific Calling and Cuing

We danced up a storm to our regular Caller and Cuer, the one and only Denis Kirkpatrick, ably aided by his lovely Taw, Sharon. Denis was in fine form, and sported a magnificent Ring Master's Top Hat and jacket... hand made for the occasion by Irene Slater. Have a look at the pictures and see if you can spot him!

We were also very pleased to have Al Ritchie, Denis' predecessor, there to call a tip as well. The Cousins have always had great callers and cuers.

Some of the dancers looked lovely in their traditional square dance attire. But the CLOWNS!. Thanks to Bill Plourd, we have a great set of photos for you to have a look at.

We'd also like to thank Chuck Jordan from the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society, and Ken Crisp from the B. C. Square and Round Dance Federation for taking the time to come and join us in our celebration. We'd also like to thank the BCSQRDF for the Anniversary Emblem for our banner, and for their recognition of Denis's 30 years of calling.

We celebrated 50 years of History: Thanks to Irene Cake for preparing the terrific Memory Lane.

Of course, we'd also like to thank all the members of the Club who worked so hard to make our Celebration Dance such a great success. Particular thanks go out to Richard Pollard, the Chairman of the 50th Birthday Committee.